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Just a few simple words


722674_40131797Well, the words did finally emerge yesterday, after my bleak, brief post, and I ended up with a short story I’m really pleased with. Edited the copy a couple of times this morning and sent it off via email.

I know that email submissions have literally opened up the world to writers. I don’t have to think twice now before sending work off to States or Australia. At one time, that was a big deal, with IRCs and international postage rates complicating matters, never mind the problems of payment if the work sold. Now with Paypal, even that isn’t an issue. I sell non-fiction through a Canadian company that pays me in US dollars. Every month Paypal calculates the exchange rate for me and I simply transfer the balance into my UK bank account.

So I really can’t complain about the technology that allows me such global freedom.

But….the real issue I have is the lack of acknowledgement for work sent by email, especially when months can elapse between submission and decision. When I sent work out by post, as a matter of course I included a self-addressed and stamped postcard, slipped under the paperclip with the manuscript and return SAE. All the editor had to do was put the postcard into the post tray and in a couple of days I’d know that my work had safely reached someone’s desk.

I have to say at this point that my distrust of electronic communications borders on the pathological. I know that emails don’t reach their destinations sometimes, ditto text messages. It has always been the same with pigeon post. Things go astray. I just like to have some indication that this has happened.

Anyway, this morning I sent off my story, and within a few minutes I had an acknowledgement of receipt. That’s a first for me, and I applaud Meerkat Press for implementing such a simple but important element in their submissions process.