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The world at my fingertips


I realise I’m several years later than most, but today I’ve installed Google Earth. Now I’ve got a new laptop that will actually load it without having a nervous breakdown and refusing to play until it’s had a long rest in a dark room.

I just wanted to look up some details about the topography of the Czech Republic. That was hours ago. Since then I’ve visited New York, crossed into Canada, journeyed through the Great Lakes and over the rocky Mountains. I’ve visited several houses I used to live in and Siena (my all-time favourite place). I even had a peek at where I live now (noting that the paintwork looked a lot better when the street view was filmed).

I have done no work since lunchtime. I don’t care. I feel as if I’ve been on an adventure. Work-wise, the rest of the week isn’t shaping up too well. So many places, so little time.